Did you know?


Women make up 45% of all gamers.

And comprise 46% of the most-frequent video game purchasers.


Women only make up 4% of programmers in the gaming industry.

At Code.org, we’re are designing curriculum and spreading awareness to ensure that more girls learn computer science and have opportunities to create the games they play.

By designing game-like tutorials that engage girls and boys at an early age, we have reached over 6 million enrolled learners around the world on Code Studio, including more than 2 million girls.


This summer, we had the opportunity to team up with Humble Bundle, Inc., and Nintendo to continue increasing diversity in tech. For every Humble Bundle purchase, participants could designate a portion of the proceeds to go to Code.org (and starting today, you can also choose to donate a portion of your game purchases to Code.org here).

As a result of this partnership, we have raised over $115,000 to help achieve our goals over the next year:

  • Giving K-12 students — especially females and students of color — access to high-quality computer science courses (that are a lot of fun, too). 
  • Introducing computer science to millions of new learners through the Hour of Code.
  • Training thousands of K-12 teachers to establish new computer science programs at their schools.

Thanks Humble Bundle, Nintendo, and PayPal Charitable Giving Fund for expanding computer science education to all students!

Stars sources from Entertainment Software Association (ESA) 2013 report and Game Developer Magazine annual survey.

Code.org is a proud participant in the Humble Bundle/PayPal Charitable Giving Fund program, pursuant to which Humble Bundle makes directed grants to PayPal Charitable Giving Fund for the benefit of certain of its eligible charity partners, subject to PayPal Charitable Giving Fund’s discretion and control.